If you are a programmer, you’d certainly know what Hello World means. It’s almost every programmer’s first string that gets printed out in his/her first program.

Being a programmer isn’t as difficult as people say. I say, that’s just a myth. To be a good programmer you just need to figure out what’s good and what’s bad way to do it; you just need to be a deterministic. If you know algorithm, you will certainly get it coded. You may have been thinking that we need to learn about those syntax and some examples. Yes, what you are thinking, is correct. But you just need to have a LOOK, you don’t need to memorize all of these codes and syntax. Specially when you have a world wide friend “Google”. This case would be different if we are in past century.

On the earliest computers, everyone had to be a programmer because there was no software. If you wanted the computer to do anything, you wrote code. Computers in the not so distant past booted directly to the friendly blinking cursor of a BASIC interpreter.

So, What is a Code? As per academic description, “code is a program instructions”. And no matter which programming language you prefer, whether it is C, or PHP, or ASP, or Ruby, everyone is based on Code.

I have some friends who is designated Core Programmer, and some friend as Framework Developer, Some as CMS developer. So, do you really need to start your journery of programming from inner core? Let me brag little bit of history. In the 1920s, it was considered important to learn how to use slide rules. In the 1960s, it was considered important to learn mechanical drawing. But none of that matters today. Why? Because in today’s world we have a bigger problem to resolve, and we can resolve it using a tool in no time. On other hand if we start doing something from 0 level, it will consume a lot more time, and sad but true, we don’t have much time. Time changes, and human search for easier way to complete his/her task. So, may be after 20 – 30 years coding might be just drag and drop.

But everyone should try writing a little code, because it somehow sharpens the mind, right? Honestly, I believe, you should start coding from C Programming. I have learnt several programming language, but all of the languages follow similar syntax that C program does. Learning C program isn’t a big deal. As mentioned earlier, if you know what you are doing, then there won’t be a problem. You won’t learn programming unless you do error resolution by yourself. Errors and Bug are main hurdle of learning. If you get over it, you will master programming.

“Every language has done its best to report an error, try understanding error, you will find way to resolve it very easily”


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