Lets say you are developing some form with hundreds of fields, and you want to test some validation in selected fields. Or lets say you have 200 friends pending to get accepted and you need to accept all those friend request.

What you generally do? You just keep filling up the form or click on confirm request until we come to the end.

For form, you may face some syntax error, or some logical error, or you could miss some line of code. And here you go, you have to grab a keyboard and start filling the form.

Doing same task over and over can be very monotonous and boring and if it is about logical thinking, you can get a headache. So why not get some piece of program to do this boring job?

I too faced the same problem ( believe me, I did ). Later I thought why can’t I make use of Macros in the site. So, later I end up using a macro in the form. So how do you get started?

Lets start with the definition. What the hell is Macro?

Well, my friend, macro is just a instruction, that can expand as multiple instruction at any time you want. It is like recording your action and executing later.

You can find macro in most of the application. For now, I am going to talk about how you can make your work more faster in browser.

So, just go ahead and download the extension: iMacros for Chrome

After you download the macro, you will get an icon at top right corner


Now open task you need to do repeatedly, and click on iMacro icon in your browser. You will get a window appeared in front of you. Now, you need to record your work.



After you have clicked on “Record Macro” you need to do your job. And after you are finished with it,  you can play this macro to carryout the function. The more interesting thing about the macro is, you can easily read the steps and modify them and give the number of loop to repeat this task.

So, you have two option to play the macro – With loop,  and without loop. Loop can be used in the area where you have to click thousand of time continuously – like accepting friend request. You can play macro once when you are testing your work – doing some changes,  filling up your form and seeing the result.


This guy have used iMacro to accept the friend request. Have a look.

Macro isn’t limited to the task I have mentioned above. You can try macro anywhere. Try macro once – and you won’t have to worry about doing your same work again and again.


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